Bobby Brown Tried To Use Bobbi Kristina To Get Whitney Houston’s Money

Bobby Brown Tired To Use Bobbi Kristina To Get Whitney Houston's Money

What trash!

Brown Brown and Whitney Houston‘s prenup clearly stated that if they broke up, the diva would have ZERO legal obligation to support him finically. (Short-trem, long term, no way, no how!)

So, when the couple split in 2006, Brown had to get creative to get his hands on his ex-wife’s cash.

According to court documents, he tried to use the couple’s only daughter to make him rich by claiming he was Bobbi Kristina‘s primary caretaker and that he should have been granted child support.

In the court docs Mr. Brown says:

“Whitney took Bobbi Kris without my prior knowledge of consent, and moved to Orange County, California where Whitney received treatment for her drug addiction. Whitney’s action interfered with my ability to spend time with my daughter… Whitney’s move to Orange County forced me to spend what little money I had left in order to see my daughter. I traveled to California to be with Bobbi Kris and Whitney as much as I could.”

Even though Whitney had already been granted full custody of their then 13-year-old daughter, Bobby told officials:

“I believe that I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter Bobbi Kris — a relationship that I would like to see strengthen and grow. When we were living in Atlanta, I was the primary caretaker for Bobbi Kris.”

Obvi, BK was old enough to make up her mind on which parent she wanted to live with. This sounds like one big desperate move From Bob B!

Now we kind of understand why Bobbi Kristina Brown wants to change her name to “Kristina Houston.”

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Mar 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT

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