Leah Remini Says It Was Sharon Osbourne Who Had Her And Holly Fired From The Talk! For Being “Ghetto!”

Leah Holly Ghetto

Whoa! The Talk dramz continues!!!

Leah Remini shared some enlightening and scathing new information about how she and Holly Peete got the boot from The Talk earlier this season. According to Leah, Sharon Osbourne had Leah and Holly fired from the show for being “ghetto!”

For being what now?! Her tweets read:

Sharon thought me and Holly were “Ghetto”, (her words) we were not funny, awkward and didn’t know ourselves

— Leah Remini (@LeahRemini) March 12, 2012

Ask Sharon. she had us fired.— Leah Remini (@LeahRemini) March 12, 2012

No way!

Would Sharon really do that?? We’re not sure we can believe this — but why else would she tweet that??

We don’t know what to say. That’s kind of a bullshizz reason to fire someone if you ask us!

How do U feel about Sharon saying those things??

[Image via Wenn.]

Mar 12, 2012 9:00pm PDT

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