Kim Kardashian Endorses Plastic Surgery In Mexico … And She Didn’t Even Know It!


Want Kim Kardashian seksi bawdy? Well, Dr. Victor Ramirez can help you!

Unfortunately, the doctor used Kim K’s picture without her permission and word on the street is that the socialite wants to smack him (legally) … and HARD!

Ramirez posted a GIGANTE billboard in Mexicali, promoting his services under the guise that his patient could look like Kim K.

When contacted, Dr. Ramirez acknowledged that he didn’t have Kim’s permission because he didn’t have her “number” to ask her.

That’s a good reason, right? Because it’s not like she’s in the phone book or anything like that! LOL!

[Image via Wenn.]

Mar 14, 2012 8:50pm PST

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