Tom Hanks’ Son Shares His Body With Ladies AND Gentlemen…On Twitter

Tom Hank's Son Shares His Body With Ladies AND Gentlemen On Twitter

Oh Chet!

Tom Hank‘s son Chester Hanks (aka Chet Haze) posted some yummy shitless pics to twitter.

The modest young rapper musician posted his pics, writing:

“Ladies… This is for you. Apologies to all boyfriends.”

“I deal with a lot of pretty girls…”

Then, after getting some shade for leaving out his male audience, Chet added:

“Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans– both straight and gay… #humbled but just so you know I’m straight lmao ok ThankYou.”

No Chet, thank you!

As lovely as he is to look at, Tom’s son doesn’t appear to have his father’s easy going charm and humility.

It’s SO cray that he would use the world “humbled” after making these awfully narcissistic comments. Perhaps the North Western student doesn’t know the definition of the word, cause not long after he wrote:

“Haters: the difference between my tweets and your tweets is how many people will ever read them”

Wowzers! We’s like to call Chet a lot of things right now, but he’s told us NOT to call him a rapper.

In another recent tweet he explained:

“ATTENTION: Journalists, Bloggers, etc. STOP CALLING ME A RAPPER. I’m an artist, musician, and singer. I do NOT rap…”

Tell us, if you “do NOT rap” why do we have THIS video of you rapping to a beat your “homie” made that was “fire”??

Mar 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT

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