Animals Like Music! But Not The Kind We Like


A recent study has figured out that animals actually do like music!

But not the kind you’d think.

A researcher said:

“We have a very human tendency to project onto our pets and assume that they will like what we like.

People assume that if they like Mozart, their dog will like Mozart. If they like rock music, they say their dog prefers rock.”

Another researcher said that animals prefer “species-specific music” which is composed of pitches, tones and tempos that they come across in nature.

All creatures, humans included, enjoy music in their audible and vocal range and tempos relevant to things they can understand.

Two researchers actually making music for animals said:

“We have some work-in-progress where we’ve transposed music and put it in the frequency range for cat vocalizations, and have used their resting heart rate, which is faster than ours.

We find that cats prefer to listen to the music composed in their frequency range and tempo rather than human music.”

Apparently big dogs do stand a very good chance of being able to relate to human music. Studies have even shown this to be true.

The researcher said there is one thing that will probably make it impossible for animals to ever enjoy music like humans do.

“We can recognize that a sequence of notes is the same whether it’s in the key of F or A flat.

I have found that animals have very good absolute pitch, but they don’t have relative pitch.

They can learn to recognize a sequence of notes, but if you transpose the notes to a different key, so that the sequence uses the same relative notes but the key is different, they can’t recognize the relationships between the notes anymore.

To that extent, we understand music in a different way than animals do.”

Humans 1, animals 0.

Mar 22, 2012 7:00pm PST

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