High School Fines Each Student $100 For Having A Facebook Account!!


That just doesn’t seem right.

The Beis Rivkah all-girl high school in Brooklyn, NY is cracking down on students who have Facebook accounts.

Instead of school officials telling their students to delete the accounts, which we’ll get to later, the administration is actually fining each student $100 or else they’ll be expelled from school.

The school’s educators claim that they’re trying to restore a certain level of Tznius, the Jewish Orthodox code of modesty, which, according to them, is on the decline because of Facebook.

Parents disagree with the move, alleging that the school encouraged the students to create FB accounts the year before, in order to vote for Beis Rivka in the Kohl’s charity giveaway.

Administrators deny doing any such thing, saying that they encouraged the PARENTS to join, not the students.

Naturally, the students dispute those claims.

Hmm, we’re not a fan of the way this school is handling the situation. We understand their reasoning behind wanting the students to delete their accounts, but fining them is just a step too far.

What is that even teaching them anyway???

Mar 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT

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