The Bella Twins Want YOU To Rock The Bikini (Or Speedo) Like Them!

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Everyone knows what time of year it is! Yes it’s time to pull out your bikini’s and speedos or whatever you choose to strut in the sun with! And do it Bella style!

But before you strut (with us Bellas) are you in sunbathing shape?

Time to get in the gym, sign up for classes, get those fitness groupons, or call up a personal trainer. We are going to introduce you to a little bit of what we do and what we call Bella Bootcamp. And yes we have the help of an amazing trainer Mr Markshane Malone with Shape Up Studio.

Let’s gets down to business first and we don’t mean (insert joke) How is your eating habits? Now us Bella’s aren’t perfect but we are healthy and moderate. As for me Nikki, let me share with you an eating plan that has changed my body and mind forever, thanks to Markshane! Believe me you’ll never go hungry again!

6am (if awake) 1 Meal Replacement Shake
12oz Water
1 serving Flaxseed Oil

7am 1 cup of Oatmeal
3-4 egg whites & 1 yoke
1 serving of L-Glutamine
16oz of Water

10am. 1 Protein Replacement
16 oz of Water
1 apple

1pm. 6oz Chicken Breast, Lean Red Meat or White Fish
1/2 Cup of Brown Rice
2 Cups of Veggies
16oz Water

4pm. 1 Protein Meal Replacement
1 apple or cup of fruit
12oz of Water

7pm. 6oz Chicken Breast, Lean Red Meat or White Fish
1-2 Cups of steamed greens or raw veggies
16oz Water

10pm (if still awake) 1 Protein Meal Replacement
No Fruit!

Big thanks to Markshane at Shape Up Studio for this eating plan

Now while we are getting our healthy grub on we have to be getting our sweat on as well, Try to get yourself working out 4-5 days a week, after a month you will be shocked! At the end of this we will give you a Bella secret on how we keep our stomach’s in muy bueno shape. Now get those blinged Nike’s on (what Nikki prefers to work out in) and let’s get a rocking!


30 minute Cardio

Bella’s specialty and it kicks your BOOTIES up 😉
30 minutes on the alipticial, First 5 minutes is a warm up and then the 6th minute is a sprint rest for 2minutes, so you’ll be sprinting for a minute and then resting best still keeping a good pace for 2 minutes, you’ll be sweating like you’re on a dance floor at spring break! Now the last 5 minutes we reverse so our booties get that extra workout. It gets hard at the end but mentally push yourself… Think fun in the sun!

Now time for toning! We like to keep that womanly hour glass shape so we don’t lift a lot of heavy weights, just chicas in the ring 😉 But we do core toning and strengthening, that’s why we’re huge yoga fans!

Circuit #1
– Jump squat x 10 reps
– Plank

Circuit #2
– Push-ups x 10 reps
– Jump Jacks

Circuit #3
– Burpees x 10
– Glute bridge

Try to do each circuit in 5 minutes and repeat 3 times

Alright our FitPerezer’s try this Bella Bootcamp work out and eating plan and stick with it and we guarantee results! You’ll be making everyone jelly at the beach, and we mean all eyes on you! And don’t forget curve is a beautiful thing, just keep it clean and toned!

Now for the Bella secret to keeping a toned tummy… 300 abs a night! That’s all! Do it every night before bed and see where you’ll be at in a month or so and stick with it! Don’t miss a night! It’s the little things that keep your body rockin’!



Apr 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT

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