Zach Wahls Speaks Out On Behalf Of The Family Equality Council!

This young man is just so wise beyond his years!

Zach Wahls, the inspirational 19-year-old college student who gained recognition after he delivered a powerful speech on behalf of same-sex marriage to Iowa’s House of Representatives before they approved a constitutional amendment to ban it, has not let that stop him from his mission to educate the country on the LGBT community and equal rights!

Ch-ch-check out this new video he has filmed on behalf of The Family Equality Council (above)!

Yes! Once again, he perfectly articulates why this is so important!

This generation needs to STAY outspoken – and continue to fight for what’s right!

Thanks again for everything you’ve done, Zach!

We sincerely hope there are a lot of kids your age just like you!


Apr 6, 2012 2:50pm PDT

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