Jesse James Can’t Stop Talking About Sandra Bullock


Jesse James thinks he deserves forgiveness from the public for cheating on Sandra Bullock during their marriage.

Well, Jesse we’ll hear what you have to say, but we won’t promise anything!

In a interview with Bullock’s ex hubby, James says:

“I think I’ve paid the price and then some, you know? I don’t know anybody anywhere that’s had to endure what I had to endure for basically infidelity, it’s just the nature of my life. People always will want me sainted one minute, and strung up the next.”

Jesse, buddy, it’s nothing personal. We don’t hate you. It’s just that we love love love Sandra Bullock.

By breaking her heart, you broke ours!

Besides, if it wasn’t for Sandra Bullock we probably would never have known you exist.

Anyone got a time machine?

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 9, 2012 6:50pm PDT

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