Worried About Global Warming?? Move To Cali!


Science has given people yet another reason to move to Cali!

There is a new study that was done by the Natural Resources and Defense Council on what states will do best handling problems caused by global warming.

So… did U already guess who topped the list??


The study looked at a state’s ability to combat water shortage, increased flooding, and the impact of climate change on local ecosystems.

With California having to deal with serious storms, potential flooding, rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion and more, they’ve got some pretty serious plans in place.

Climate change in California could cost the state up to $47 BILLION a year!

So because of that, they have things like the California Global Warming Solutions Act and the Water Efficiency Bill.

So Cali has planned ahead. Has everyone else?

The report found that 29 states, 60% of the nation, is unprepared.

Come on, other states. Step your game up!

Apr 15, 2012 10:00am PDT

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