Prison Break Actor Lane Garrison Gets Arrested AGAIN! This Time For Domestic Abuse

Lane Garrison arrested

Yikes! Lane Garrison has had a rough road throughout his Hollywood career, but he can really only blame himself. This time, however, he’s swearing his innocence.

First he served 22 months in prison for a vehicular manslaughter conviction in 2007, then we heard he was ALMOST arrested this past February for a domestic abuse incident with his girlfriend, but now he HAS been arrested for suspicion of domestic violence.

The actor was taken into custody on Sunday after his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, called the cops on Saturday night to report the alleged incident. By the time authorities arrived at her Beverly Hills apartment building, where the domestic violence went down, he was gone.

They arrived at his apartment the following day and he was formally arrested with no incident. He’s currently being held on a $50,000 bail, but swears he did NOT hurt Ashley in any way.

Lane’s lawyer told sources that he was only at the apartment building to dog sit for his acting coach and happened to run into Ashley in the lobby. An argument broke out over their failed relationship and she threw his cell phone against a wall, so Lane placed his hands on her shoulders to sit her in a chair before leaving.

If the this was all so innocent, why would she feel compelled to call the cops? That’s where the story gets innteresting — and extra scandalous!

Lane was just 6 days away from completing his parole that stemmed from his manslaughter conviction, so his lawyer is trying to spin it as if that is Ashley’s motivation for calling the cops!

We’re thinking it was probably the bruises she was left with after Lane fled the scene, but the legal eagle thinks her injuries could have been self-inflicted.

Hopefully more details will emerge soon so we can find out who is telling the truth! Does Lane have violent anger management problems or is his ex trying to have him thrown back into prison for revenge?

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Apr 23, 2012 4:20pm PDT

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