Colin Firth Launches Campaign To Save Awa Tribe Of Brazilian Amazon

Colin Firth is handsome, charming, and an incredible actor.

He has an Oscar.

But he isn’t spending all his time just soaking in those things — he’s actually a hero, too.

Colin just launched a major Survival International campaign to save one of the world’s most threatened tribes.

The Awá of the Brazilian Amazon.

Here’s what Colin says:

“The Aw├â┬í├óΓé¼Γäós forest is being illegally cut for timber. When the loggers see them, they kill them. Their bows and arrows are no match for guns. And at any other time in history, that’s where it would end. Another people wiped off the face of the earth, forever. But we’re going to make sure the world doesn’t let that happen…”

The Awá is a small tribe of only approximately 360 members whose territory has been invaded by a vast army of illegal loggers, ranchers and settlers.

The whole thing is actually so bad that people are calling it a genocide, and an extinction!

Survival’s Director said this:

‘The Awá are threatened by the armed loggers, but also by our own apathy. Yet these campaigns have been repeatedly shown to be successful. If enough people, in Brazil and around the world, show they care, Awá children will be able to grow up in peace on their own land. That’s been proved over and over again.’

This sounds like a fab cause, something we’d hate to see fail.

We need to make sure no peoples’ lives are lost or compromised at any cost, regardless if they’re some indigenous tribe… or your neighbors down the street.

We love that you’re doing this Colin!

Click HERE for more info on helping!

Apr 27, 2012 7:30pm PDT

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