Howard Stern Gives Advice To Misguided YouTube Teen


The self proclaimed King Of All Media met the newest and latest YouTube sensation.

Howard Stern tried to talk some sense into Killa Karisma whose viral video has racked up more than 100,000 hits in quite a short time.

The video features Karisma singing about pleasuring himself to pictures of girls on Facebook.

Here’s what Stern said:

“As your stand-in dad I’m telling you to think this through a little bit…Here’s my advice: Tell your mom. Talk it over with her. And then, as your dad…I’d say take it down, just because a lot of people might not get the joke, and, like, if you actually want to kiss real girls…”

Karisma disagreed and said:

├óΓé¼┼ôI think a lot of girls just talk to me and like me just for the sheer fact that I have the confidence to do something like that.”

Howard’s response was:

“That’s why I think you’re not thinking clearly. Women get freaked out by that kind of stuff.”

Thanks for being such a good mentor to Killa, Howard! Let’s hope he takes UR advice seriously!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 27, 2012 4:15pm PDT

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