Dita Von Teese Is Pin-Up Perfection At Perfume’s London Launch!


When will this mysterious scent delight the noses of Americans, Dita??

Dita Von Teese glowed in her 1930s glamour model mode Tuesday while surrounded by statuesque, dapper young lads, at the London launch of her self-titled fragrance.

The scent sits in a vintage-styled, black bottle, and recently, Dita shared the story of her desire to have a signature smell… discover the tale…AFTER THE JUMP!

“I was walking down the street in Paris with my boyfriend, who I’d been dating for two weeks, when he asked me what perfume I wear. When I told him the name of the fragrance he kind of hesitated and revealed that this was also his mother’s perfume…

This really got me, because I really didn’t want him to associate my smell with his mother, but on the other hand this perfume was perfect and iconic for me, it fit me perfectly and it was mysterious and unknown to everyone I met until that day.

I started hunting for other fragrances that could replace it and there were some which I really liked, but none of them felt like the real me and fit me. So, I decided to create my own scent and this was a dream come true.”

We are so proud!

Dita is beauty incarnate and we are DYING to find out what she smells like!!

Check out more pics of the lovely Dita (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

May 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT

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