Come On Y’all, Let’s Go To The Fashion Shack!

Prada, take note: THIS is how you do advertising!

Oh, we love us some home grown production value, and this um, sexy(?) commercial for The Fashion Shack is pure GENIUS!

Hate the mall?? Love shacks?? Love disembodied male voices whispering in your ear? Then the Fashion Shack is YOUR fashion haven.

They carry coveted brands like M.U.D.D and “the names in the mall that they can’t call!”

And when you want to walk the pavement catwalk in your bare feet, the shack has discount prom dresses PERFECT for the occasion.

Transport back to the pretend-eighties (above)!

Hmm. Wonder if it’s got a tiiiiiiin roof, rusted!

May 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT

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