Glee Spoilers! What’s To Come Before Graduation?

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We’ve heard the songs, we’ve got some sneak peeks — and now, we have even MORE spoilers!

On this week’s Glee, McKinley High hosts their prehistoric prom and we have ALL the deets on the remaining four episodes, leading up to graduation!

There’s TONS to look forward to in the next few weeks, including the character-swap episode, Props, the gang heading to Nationals and of course, we’ll say Goodbye to the class of 2012 on May 22.

Will Rachel get into NYADA? When will Emma and Will waltz down the aisle? Which McKinley senior WON’T be graduating???

Find out all of this and more spoilerific details … AFTER THE JUMP!

First off, as we have already been assuming, the chances of Rachel living out her Broadway dreams might NOT entirely be gone for good!

Lea Michele spills:

“She messes up and now she has to fix it. She’s going to have to fight for it now and make it better and she works very hard to do so; she really wants to get out of Ohio and she’s going to do everything she can to do that.”

We have faith in you, gurl!!!

Remaining by her side through the good and bad, of course, is Finn, who will stay the super supportive BF he has already proved to be!!

As for Will and Emma’s wedding taking place before season 3 ends??? It probably won’t happen until next season, says Matthew Morrison.

Matthew reveals:

“I think the wedding would be one of those special episodes where you could see everybody comes back; I hope that happens.”

How AHmazing would that be?!?!

We STILL don’t know the fate of the rest of the cast members besides Rachel, Finn and Kurt, but by the sounds of it, it seems we might see the rest in SOME sort of capacity next season.

Also during the show’s finale episode, we’ll find out whether or not Kurt makes it into NYADA and if he and Blaine will go long-distance with their love!!!

The chances of Brittany nabbing that diploma? Morrison says:

“We don’t know if Brittany is graduating or not. It’s been mentioned that she’s not smart and she’s flunking a lot of her classes so we just aren’t sure what her grades are like [or if they’re] enough for her to graduate.”

Uh oh! Will she have to repeat senior year?!?

We’ll also be seeing more of Coach Beiste and her abusive hubby, Cooter, in the next few episodes.

And with Nationals coming up, while we still don’t know what song the New Directions will be performing, Cory Monteith revealed that the performance was “physically the most demanding thing” and that the song is sure to be EPIC.

Um…are you there, Tuesday? It’s us, Gleeks.

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May 8, 2012 9:20am PDT

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