Eva Longoria: Tony Parker Cheated On Me, But I’m Still Awesome!

Eva Longoria: Tony Parker Cheated

Would someone PLEASE write a Lifetime movie about this woman!

Last year, Eva Longoria found out her NBA VIP husband, Tony Parker, was cheating on her.

Instead of having a dramatic meltdown (like we would have!) the brave actress made a conscious decision to stay strong. Eva has not let the French Baller’s cheating ways have any affect on her self worth!

The 37-year-old confesses: “I am so secure in who I am. I really am! And I’m not conceited.”

Good to hear!

When it comes to her Spurs-ex, she reveals that:

I just think, ‘Wow, okay, that’s the life you want to live.’ It wasn’t about who he chose. I mean, I had moments [where I wondered], ‘Am I not sexy enough? Am I not pretty enough? Am I not smart enough?’ But in so many of those questions, I immediately stopped and said, ‘No, don’t start doing that.’ Because you can get stuck in that cycle and you can carry on to other things.”

It’s been over a year since she and Parker split, and Eva seems to have her life back on track. When it comes to the single life, Eva says she is:

“having a lot of fun. I’m in a transitional state where I have no rules and I have no boundaries, and I don’t really want to put those back up.”

LOVE that positive energy guuurl!!

Now the star is over Tony and acting like a Desperate Housewive.

Eva is currently dating Eduardo Cruz, and hosting a new reality show Ready for Love.

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May 11, 2012 3:50pm PDT

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