Louisiana School Psychologist Says ‘Young Black Thugs Should Be Put Down Like The Dogs They Are!’

mark traina louisiana school psychologist tweets about thugism of america

Mark A. Traina is one sick and twisted man.

Seemingly suffering from a severe case of over-sheltering and bred-ignorance, the Louisiana school psychologist uses his freedom of speech to spread hate and the encouragement of violence toward a generalized group of people.

When George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin on his way home, he said George was the real victim. Not the murdered teen… George, the guy who had been circling the neighborhood because he had nothing better to do.

But what’s recently garnering attention is the use of his Twitter to exclaim his beliefs on “thugism in America.” He has tweeted:

Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!

Now, we all have free speech, but if someone who is paid to determine which kids go to which alternative schools spouts this kind of racist crap, we have a problem…

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Education’s office of civil rights is sending their reps to the Jefferson Parish school system this week.

Hopefully this 55-year-old man can learn the importance of ethics before it’s too late. He might honestly believe everything he’s saying is truth, but he needs to learn the standards of working for a school and properly adhere to them! At least!!

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May 23, 2012 2:00am PDT

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