Tips To Keep Your K-9’s Breath So Fresh & So Clean Clean!!


We know you LOVE your pet as much as we do, but it’s easy to overlook something that can make a HUGE difference in extending your companion’s lifespan – THEIR TEETH!

Periodontal disease is the number one avoidable health risk for small doggies, so we’ve concocted a little list to make sure your pooch stays healthy and lives a long – stinky breath free life!!

1. Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Dental Health:

Check their teeth and gums regularly. Healthy canine and feline teeth are white, so discolored teeth indicates that something ain’t right! Also keep a look out for red, swollen or bleeding gums and loose teeth. If your doggie’s break is kickin’ that’s definitely a RED FLAG!!!

2. Fight Tartar Build Up:

Quality dental chews and toys can help remove tartar and plaque and keep her teeth healthy and ensure they keep their breath minty fresh!! Raw beef marrow bones (not cooked) can also keep your dog’s teeth free of tartar as the gnawing motion scrapes ‘gunk’ off your dog’s teeth – just be careful they’re not too small enough where they can be a choking hazard!

Other favorite long-lasting plaque fighting chews include Braided Bully Sticks and Flossies Dog Chews – which actually massage the gum line and remove tartar. Raw carrots work too!

3. Brush, Brush Brush! :

Regular brushing with a special pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste is an important part of preventive dental care. Small pet toothbrushes allow you to get comfortably inside their mouth to clean. Be patient and gentle introducing this new routine into your pet’s life.

4. Visit Your Vet Regularly:

If your pet has serious dental problems, we recommend a visit to your vet for an evaluation. You veterinarian can perform extractions if necessary and treat gum infections caused by bacteria.

Yay! so now U EXACTLY what U need to do to ensure your pup stays in the best health possible! And what could be better than a happy pet?!!

Nothing, you say? Yeah we thought so!

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May 28, 2012 7:00pm PDT

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