Dina Lohan Is FINALLY Getting Another Reality Show!

Dina Lohan Is FINALLY Getting A Reality Show!

Everything’s coming out roses Dina Lohan!!!

LiLo‘s momma is finally getting the big break Lindsay stole she has always dreamed of!

Mz Dina landed a starring role in a brand-new (as of yet, unsold) reality series called… DramaMamas!

The show will revolve around the world-renowned momager as she launches her very first Broadway-bound musical.

We’re not exactly sure what Dina’s role in the musical is (possibly producing?), BUT the show promises to showcase “the incredible talents of young performers and their DramaMamas, hovering not far behind.”

Sounds like Smash meets Toddlers& Tiaras. Translation: this could be the best show of ALL time!!!

Production for the series begins this weekend and will run through the summer.

PLEASE someone buy this soon!

If our imagination is accurate, this show will be the ridicu-mazing!

[Image via WENN.]

May 29, 2012 8:45pm PDT

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