Pot Head Mom POPPED For DUI After Driving Off With Baby Strapped To Roof


Paging Snoop Dogg!

A ganja loving teen mom is facing the ultimate buzzkill, after being pulled over by cops for leaving her infant on the roof of her car, and absentmindedly driving away!

It all started when 19 year-old Catalina Clouser’s boyfriend got pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Instead of taking her a*s home, the space cadet decided to forget her worries by getting high as a kite with a friend.

Not the best idea…because when it was time to go home, the mom strapped her little one into a safety seat, placed him on her roof├óΓé¼┬ªand drove off!

You’d think she’d notice when the baby fell off at a nearby intersection, but it wasn’t until 5-0 pulled her over, that she found out what had happened!

That’s two run-ins with the po-po in ONE night!!! DAYUM, how faded can you be?!!!

The 5-week-old infant was taken to a hospital as a safety precaution, and is doing just fine in protective custody.

Both Catalina and her alkie boo are facing aggravated DUI charges.

We’re just glad this story had a somewhat happy ending, and the baby is OK.

But srsly, where do these people come from?! We couldn’t make this stuff up, even if we tried.

[Image via Fox News.]

Jun 5, 2012 6:45pm PDT

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