The Black Panther Is Headed To The Big Screen After Captain America 2!

The Black Panther movie

We’ve heard it before and now we’re hearing it again: The Black Panther is supposedly the next superhero that Marvel wants to adapt for the big screen.

A screenwriter was hired to pump out a script in early 2011 and now more than a year later, sources are saying that the script is “fantastic”.

Disney is planning for the “first black hero in mainstream comics” to make his debut shortly after Captain America 2 is released in 2014, which means the African hero may be included in the Avengers 2.

And this may have been a long time coming too. The hero hails from an African country called Wakanda, which was featured on a map in Iron Man 2 AND Captain America‘s shield is made from a metal only found in fictional nation.

Very, very sneaky, Marvel!

Although the hero isn’t particularly familiar to most mainstream audiences, we think he looks pretty badass and it’s about time another black superhero joined up with Nick Fury.

Any ideas on who should play him?

Jun 6, 2012 5:30am PDT

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