Lindsay Lohan Gets “Defensive” With Racy Film Producers!

lindsay lohan the canyons concern

Well color us shocked!!

Lindsay Lohan has once again raised concern in film producers.

For Bret Easton Ellis‘ racy new film, The Canyons, Linds plays Tara – a woman in El Lay who “sold her pride for material comforts.”

And while producer Braxton Pope thinks she’s great and “incredibly charismatic in person,” he also voices a valid point:

“Unfortunately she is someone whose publicity can overwhelm the most essential fact that she’s enormously talented.”

Oh whoa! Guess there IS such a thing as bad publicity!!

One source even elaborates:

“They were very clear with Lindsay that there is concern about her ability to be disciplined enough to get through production. They spent an hour with her and they set conditions, telling her that they need to hear from the producers of Liz & Dick that she’s showing up on time and things like that.

I’m told it was slightly awkward. She was very defensive and had an excuse for everything brought up. But they were very clear with her about their terms. They have a limited budget and can’t afford to have production stalled because she’s late or has to be replaced. Shooting will start July 9 whether she is part of the movie or not.”

Sounds like reasonable requests to us!

Be on time and ready to work or be fired, plain and simple!!

So which will weigh more when it’s *ACTION* time?? Her drive to be a STAR or her drive to PAARTY!?!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Jun 13, 2012 3:00pm PDT

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