Flying Bottle Victim Speaks Out On Bloody Chris Brown-Drake Fight!!

chris brown wip fight flying bottle victim

Hollie C is NOT happy about some “stupid famous people” cracking her head open in the middle of their “stupid” fight over “some girl!”

As you may have already read, this is the 24-year-old Aussie who was caught in the flying bottle crossfire of Chris Brown‘s bloody rage with Drake‘s entourage.

Gurl had to get 16 stylish stitches in her head because of it AND a tetanus shot! What a way to spend your holiday!!

So now she’s philosophizing on it all, saying the best thing we’ve heard in recent memory:

“Where’s the justice in them driving away in a limo while I had to catch the train home on one of my holidays?”


Although… we’re unsure if they actually went home in a limo, but still… we get the point she’s making.

Hopefully she wins enough money to make up for this spoiled vacation and then some!!

[Image via L. Gallo/WENN.]

Jun 15, 2012 1:40pm PDT

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