Michigan State Rep. Banned From Speaking On House Floor For Saying ‘Vagina’

Attention lawmakers! Don’t reference body parts when your speaking to the house floor. Some adults can’t handle the mention of a woman’s genitalia!

Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown was BANNED from speaking on the House Floor after using the word “vagina” when arguing against a series of anti-abortion bills which, amongst other things, bans all abortions after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape and incest.

Since the bill is largely backed by conservatives and supported by Christian groups, she argued that she doesn’t try to make laws based on her Judaism. In fact, her religious law states that abortions performed to preserve the life of the mother “are not only permissible, but mandatory.” However, she points out that she has not asked for the laws of the state to adhere to her religious beliefs.

Such a fantastic and logical argument! She then ended her speech (above) by expressing that she’s “flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but no means no.”

LOL! Go gurl!

Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas was offended by her mentioning the medical term and then didn’t allow her the opportunity to speak the next day on an unrelated bill.

So much for free speech!

The man with the ban defended his actions by saying this though:

“My concern was the decorum of the House, not of anything she said. I ask all members to maintain a decorum of the House, and I felt it went too far yesterday.”

Mz. Brown, on the other hand, isn’t ashamed for her choice of words. Since she used the “anatomically medically correct term” for the genitals God gave her, she pointed out, “If they are going to legislate my anatomy, I see no reason why I cannot mention it.”

Srsly! What is with people’s irrational fear of anything that could be considered sexual? If the debate is over how to handle life that results from sex, which requires a penis to penetrate a vagina (or at least sperm to penetrate an egg), the word “vagina” is very much appropriate!

Apparently some lawmakers in the Michigan House of Representatives still have A LOT of growing up to do. Their immaturity is offensive to us, but we STILL wouldn’t dream of banning them from speaking!

Jun 15, 2012 8:40pm PST

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