Sandusky Trial: More Character Witnesses


The defense honestly doesn’t seem to have much of a case other than trying to prove that since a bunch of his old colleagues think he’s a good guy, there’s no way that Jerry Sandusky could have sexually abused almost a dozen children.

A former Penn State football player and assistant coach said:

“[Sandusky] had a wonderful reputation in the community, he was well thought of in every regard.”

A former Second Mile employee, Sandusky’s charity, said:

“I saw a mutual admiration between Second Mile youth, both boys and girls, with Jerry. I saw a lot of goofing around. Jerry had a very unique way, and many of us were inspired by this, how he could relate to youth of all ages and really get to their level and communicate.”

What was random and confusing was Judge John Cleland abruptly ended the day’s testimony because of “technical issues” and didn’t explain anything else.

Were the issues that the stenographer got a hand cramp? Or a microphone was on the fritz? Or the defense is trying to defend a guilty man?

Regardless, the defense is expected to call a few more witnesses, including possibly Sandusky’s wife and his adopted son, to both testify on his behalf.

The defense could rest as early as Wednesday which means the case could go to the jury really soon.

Justice is one step away.

[Image via AP Images.]

Jun 19, 2012 11:30am PDT

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