Sandusky Trial: Defense Tries To Undermine Victims’ Credibility


The defense’s only option for the Jerry Sandusky trial is to try and show the jurors that the victims are really just out for money.

They need to disprove all 52 criminal counts of sexual abuse.

That seems like a real uphill battle.

The defense brought two state troopers to the stand who investigated Sandusky and the child sex abuse allegations.

They wanted to show that the cops told the victims that there were other victims, then the victims could get together and build a whole conspiracy against Sandusky to try and get money from him.

The troopers did admit to telling the victims they weren’t alone, because a sex abuse victim tends to be reluctant to talk about their past abuse.

They told them that if they were to testify in court, they wouldn’t be alone, but they said they didn’t tell them anything about what actually happened to other victims.

So there’s no way all these victims having similar stories could be a coincidence.

The cops said:

“Each of these accusers was very, very seriously injured and very concerned, and we had told them, especially prior to going to the grand jury, that they wouldn├óΓé¼Γäót be alone, that there were others.”

The defense begged to differ, saying that the troopers did in fact lead on accusers and then played a recording of one of the troopers coaxing a victim into giving a statement. The trooper on the tape said:

“You’re doing very well. You have been repeating word for word pretty much what a lot of people have already told us. There’s a pretty well defined progression in the way that [Sandusky] operates and still operates to some degree. Acts of oral sex [├óΓé¼┬ª] have taken place by both parties [and] a rape has occurred. We need you to tell us that this happened.”

Hmm. That doesn’t make the troopers look very good.

The trooper still stood by his questioning technique, stating that a victim of sex abuse is very reluctant to just open up to a stranger about the abuse.

The defense’s last hope will be to have an expert prove that Sandusky has Histrionic Personality Disorder, a disorder that leads a person to be overly affectionate, awkwardly sexual and attention seeking.

We don’t understand how that would help. Maybe they’d lock him up in a mental asylum instead of a federal prison where he’d most likely get a taste of his own abusive medicine.

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Jun 19, 2012 4:45pm PDT

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