KStew Flashes Bare Naked Tittays On The Road! You Must Watch NOW!!

Holy cream of Cullen — this is udder-ly amazing!!

Ch-Ch-Check out this super-seksy clip from On the Road (above); you’ll thank us later. We swear!

The bouncing, bare-breasted Kristen Stewart finally flashed her phenomenally beautiful bosom!!

We knew it was coming, sure, but we never thought this day would be so GLORIOUS!!

Warning, this clip is totes NSFSMRS — Not Safe For Stephenie Meyer’s Refined Sensibilities! LOLz!!

We have no idea whether this adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac novel is any good but, frankly, we aren’t here to judge!!

We’re merely thrilled to finally get glimpse the lovely dangly parts RPatz and, we suppose, even Garrett Hedlund were too stingy to share with the rest of the world!

Jun 21, 2012 6:45pm PDT

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