Supreme Court Sides ALMOST Entirely With Federal Government In Arizona Immigration Case!

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Well, three out of four isn’t bad!

But we still wish they could have abolished ALL of these ridiculously RACIST and unjust policies!

The U.S. Supreme Court finally ruled today MOSTLY in favor of the federal government in regards to the controversial SB1070, a policy in Arizona immigration that has caused quite a bit of controversy regarding its support of blatant racial profiling. Although the 5-3 vote was largely a success, the judges upheld the arguably most CONTROVERSIAL provision, which allows police to check the immigration status of individuals while enforcing other laws!

Ch-ch-check out a news report on the semi-victory!

According to Justice Anthony Kennedy:

“The national government has significant power to regulate immigration. Arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration while that process continues, but the state may not pursue policies that undermined federal law.”

Luckily, it is no longer a crime for an illegal immigrant to work or seek work in the state, officers are no longer allowed to arrest individuals without a warrant purely on speculation that they may be illegal, and it is no longer a state requirement for immigrants to register with the federal government!

As for the last statute? The fight isn’t over yet!

According to NBC’s Pete Williams:

“There are other lawsuits against this law. There are several civil liberties groups suing in Arizona, claiming that this law is racial profiling, and those cases have yet to work their way through the courts.”

And we sincerely hope that once they do, this ridiculous RACIST, ignorant, and harmful law will be abolished for good!


Jun 25, 2012 1:50pm PDT

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