Bulgarian Priest Encourages Stoning Of LGBT Paraders, Drowning Of Supportive Politicians

Bulgarian Priest Supports Stoning At LGBT Pride Event

This story makes us physically sick!

Father Evgenly Yanakiev, a Bulgarian Orthodox priest, is advising his parishioners to take up arms against gays and the politicians who support their rights!!

Bulgaria’s LGBT Pride Parade marches through the capital city of Sofia this weekend and local groups that advocate violence are organizing nearby anti-gay rallies!

In an interview, Father Yanakiev called for the “stoning” of LGBT paraders and even suggested tying politicians who support gay rights to millstones and tossing them in a lake to drown!

What the fudge??

We don’t understand why city officials allow this hate group to organize in the same place and at the same time as the LGBT pride parade??

And we DEFINITELY can’t comprehend how these so-called religious leaders advocating the murder of their fellow countrymen while pretending to be men of the cloth!!

This is absolutely horrible!

We truly believe in free speech — even when we disagree with what’s being said!

But this has nothing to do with speech!

Yanakiev and his friends are organizing a posse of violent zealots and we don’t understand why the government is cool with that!!

We sincerely hope no one is injured at this weekend’s parade!!

[Image via AP Images.]

Jun 29, 2012 1:00am PDT

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