Watch Russell Brand Walk Off Red Carpert After Spotting La Coacha In A Katy Perry Candy Dress!

Ay yi yi!! So much drrrrrama!

Our colorful La Coacha went to show some love at Russell Brand‘s Brand X premiere… but instead of getting any luvin’ back, she felt the hate!

After Russell began walking the red carpet, he noticed a man donned in an Aldous Snow costume (the character he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek).

But right next to ole’ Aldous was La Coacha — fully-dressed in one of her favorite candy dresses. Now, if you know our gurl, then you know she LOVES to wear all sorts of creative garb for her red carpet events! It’s her thing! Deal with it! Ha!

Unfortunately, Russell did not like it as much as everyone else did. He grabbed his publicist and walked off the red carpet having some serious words with her!! He was PISSED OFF… and totally offended.

Because you see…. La Coacha’s candy dress had been viewed as a Katy Perry get-up! So Brand’s publicist quickly came over to tell her what she was doing was “not cool.”

But hold up! La Coacha’s been wearing candy for a looooong time… it’s not exactly something KtP holds ownership over (though we do love her peppermint boobies personality).

So La Coacha tweet-tweets:

“Drama at Russell Brando premiere. Was wearing a candy dress that at wore b4 @katyperry and he got emotional and left the carpet!

Russell Brando’s publicista came up 2 me and said it was not cool 2 dress like @katyperry

Now @fxnetworks is gonna talk 2 me. came from @katyperry premiere. Is it my fault??????

Btw ay wore the candy dress b4 @katyperry!!! @perezhilton party. Don tell me I dress like her!

Russell Brando left his party and the press is piss off at me 🙁 comedians need 2 estop being sensitib!”

Afterward, she and some of the other reporters came to the conclusion that Russell must still be in love with Katy to get so upset like that!

But we’ll let U be the judge on that one! Watch the video (above) before U unwrap all your candied thoughts (below)!!!

Jun 29, 2012 9:10am PST

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