New Details From Katie Holmes’ Divorce Filings Prompt More Questions Than Answers!


And here we were thinking this wasn’t even possible, and yet…

The plot has THICKENED in the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce drama!

According to the legal documents the actress filed in New York, the couple’s marriage was “irretrievably” broken at least SIX MONTHS before she officially filed…which makes us wonder what exactly went down then to cement its demise!

AND why the couple have continued to act happy and in love together as recent as two weeks ago!

Furthermore, Katie also claims that the pair have been residents of New York for “at least 2 years,” which is a huge factor in the upcoming proceedings, as she chose to file in that state specifically because California is a no-fault state and she wouldn’t have as much leverage in gaining sole custody of Suri there!

But, as we all know, Tom plans to argue that because they’ve also had a home together in Beverly Hills for six years and Katie’s only stuck to the East Coast on a permanent basis for the last few months, she may not have established legal residency, and therefore, has no ground to duke it out there!


We don’t know about you, but we have a LOT of questions regarding this case that we hope will be answered with time!

Stay strong, Katie! You and little Suri are in our thoughts!

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 2, 2012 5:20pm PDT

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