China Changes Policy And Allows Lesbians To Donate Blood

China allows lesbians to donate blood

China is breaking down barriers…one brick at a time.

The country has finally decided to allow lesbians to give blood. Gay guys, on the other hand, are sadly still on the blacklist.

Why has the Chinese government been turning down all of this perfectly good blood throughout all these years? Apparently, they have a very primitive understanding of AIDS and thought still kinda think that “being a homosexual equals AIDS.”

Activist Li Yinhe explained:

“Inadequate understanding of the two things is the main reason why “homosexuals” were listed as a group not allowed to donate blood. Judging from the amendment, the country’s views on homosexuals and AIDS has progressed.”

Much like the rest of the world, gay men still aren’t allowed to give blood in the Asian country because of AIDS fears (even though straight men can easily contract the disease too), so China hasn’t progressed TOO MUCH, but any progress is good progress.

At least they caught up with the United States’ backwards policy, anway.

Jul 6, 2012 6:30am PDT

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