Stallone And Schwarzenegger Are BFF’s At The Expendables 2 Comic-Con Panel

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Action fans could not have been more delighted to see Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger take the stage together at Comic-Con on Thursday to promote The Expendables 2.

We hear the two 80s icons acted like total bestiez the entire time while Dolph Lundgren, Randy Coutoure, and Terry Crews stood off by the side and watched in jealous awe of their friendship.

First off, the crowd welcomed the creator of Rocky by chanting in unison, “Yo Adrian!”

Once Stallone and Schwarzenegger were on stage together, the former Governator couldn’t help but drop his overused tagline (which we love using anyway) and say, “I’m back!” He proceeded to brag that he has actually killed more peeps on screen than his 66-year-old co-star (289 to 288, in case you’re wondering, but those sound like made up numbers to us).

The pair playfully jabbed at each other throughout the event as they talked about their history. Stallone, for example, revealed he initially thought Arnie was doomed to failure because of his lengthy last name. Schwarzenegger got in on the fun and continued to make fun of himself too. He recalled the first time that they met at the Golden Globes and shared Stallone’s mother told him that he looked like a piano mover.

Entering a third-person perspective, the Terminator dropped this HIGHlarious one-liner:

“Some people say Arnold was gone from acting for eight years. Others say he was never in acting in the first place!”

When discussing each other’s work, Stallone said his favorite of his friend’s films is Junior ├óΓé¼┼ôand he loves Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.├óΓé¼┬¥ Seriously though, he loves Terminator 2: Judgment Day while Arnold said he’s all about Rocky and Rambo.

The most exciting part of the panel was probably when Arnold confirmed that a Twins sequel was definitely in the works!

And remember that cartoon show about him being The Governator that was killed off after his sex scandal? He hinted that his image has almost recovered enough to salvage the show, so it may be back.

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Jul 13, 2012 12:50pm PDT

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