Miracle Man Catches Falling 7-Yr-Old From 3rd Floor Window! Watch!

Whoa! This man is fab-u-lous!

After 7-year-old Keyla McCree began a lil’ show and dance on her mother’s new air conditioning unit, on-lookers ran to get bus driver Steven St. Bernard‘s attention.

As soon as the children warned him of the imminent danger, he ran over to see lil’ Keyla trying to balance atop the AC unit. And then… she fell!

Play the video to see his miraculous catch (above)!

Her fall tore one of Steven’s bicep tendons, but he says that’s only a small price to pay for saving a life. He’s lucky he got home when he did, because that’s when the kids came running for him:

“There were all these kids yelling, ‘The little girl! The little girl!’ I saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said to myself, ‘Let me get over to her in time.’ I made it just in time. This was the biggest catch of my life. She just looked shocked.”

Someone needs to give this man a medal ASAP!

And maybe… a reward?? 😉

Jul 18, 2012 9:10am PDT

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