Reese Witherspoon Forges Through The Bigamy BS

reese and john witherspoon family bigamy

Ugh! We’re so sad to hear this is still going on!

If you haven’t heard, Tricianne Taylor seems to be causing Reese Witherspoon and her family a lot of grief these days!

Tric married John Witherspoon back in January, but here’s the problem — he’s still married to Reese’s mother, Betty! And with John suffering possible dementia, one could speculate that Tric is only using John for the Witherspoon name and dollar signs! Bleh…

And according to one source, it’s even messier than it sounds because:

“[Reese’s] mom still loves her father despite all his problems. But her dad is smitten with Tricianne, and Reese is trapped in the middle. She’s at her wit’s end because she doesn’t know how to get this woman out of their lives.”

Poor Reese… all of this and a pregnancy? Pshhh…. It’s a good thing she’s already done the baby-bump thing twice before! She’d be in all sorts of hell if this was her first time at the rodeo!

Hopefully they can resolve the wretched matter soon. But until then… good luck to you and your lil’ mason jar of love, Reesy!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Jul 18, 2012 11:40am PDT

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