Jessica Redfield’s Boyfriend Fights To Keep Her Memory Alive

jay meloff jessica redfield

Talk about heart-breaking!

As we discussed Friday, Jessica Redfield was one of the first identified in the twelve murdered during the disturbing Colorado shooting spree.

Ever since the news hit, professional hockey-playing boyfriend Jay Meloff has been letting the world know just how wonderful she was. Getting #RIPJessica to trend on Twitter, Jay says:

“Every experience in life was amplified beyond my wildest dreams with [Jessica]. She was the most wonderful and beautiful person I’ve ever been lucky enough to know and share life’s offerings with. She loved Tweeting and loved Twitter. Please send out a Tweet for her. #RIPJessica. She was just so funny and witty, she didn’t miss a beat. We wanted our future together.”

Though he lived away from her at the time of death, he planned on moving to Denver soon.

The couple met during a Skype interview. Jessica, who was an aspiring sportscaster, was working on a project and they just clicked.

It’s a tragedy knowing they’ll never be able to fulfill their future together. Our thoughts are with you, Jay…


[Image courtesy of Jay Meloff.]

Jul 22, 2012 11:00am PDT

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