Lil’ Wayne’s Newest Video Creates Controversy By Featuring Skeletons In A Movie Theater

Talk about poor timing!

Just days before the tragic Colorado shooting during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Lil’ Wayne released a music video for My Homies Still (above) which features skeletons inside a movie theater!

Obvi, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence, but commenter’s on YouTube’s VEVO channel did not waste any time to point it out. In fact, the video has since garnered 16,566 dislikes, compared to the 35,625 likes.

So either fans were upset by what they perceived as an insensitivity to the shooting that just rocked the nation or, more simply, weren’t big fans of the song. Judging by a handful of the comments that appear beneath the video, we’re assuming the amount of dislikes had a lot to do with the former.

In one particular shot (3:42) , there are actually 12 skeletons shown sitting in the seats, which is the same number of people killed in the massacre. However, another angle displays as many as 24, so let’s go ahead and put that conspiracy theory to rest.

NO ONE could have foreseen the horrific actions allegedly committed by James Holmes last Friday, so we don’t think it’s fair to accuse the rapper of making light of the situation. However, it might be in his best interest to remove the video and re-edit the footage.

Jul 24, 2012 12:50pm PDT

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