Kristen Stewart’s Two-Timing Affair Recapped!

kristen stewart robert pattinson affair cheating scandal

Today has been BALLZ TO THE WALLZ cray!

We woke up to the bubbling controversy of Kristen Stewart‘s affair… and its photographic evidence we shared from the night before…

And before we knew it, we were swept away in K-Stew’s Kray!

Not only did Rupert Sanders‘ wife tweet a cryptic message, she (supposedly) also instagrammed a pretty vengeful pic of a sobbing Snow White!


Then we learned all about this director, his ambition, and his love for K-Stew.

And then — all of the dirty details dropped! Accompanied by extra saucy photos, the truth was stranger than any fan-fiction!

Everything was out there. Damage done! There was no crying photoshop out of this one!

Kristen had to release her statement, apologizing to Robert Pattinson. And then Rupert followed suit and said his regrets too.

We’ve yet to hear from R-Patz but friends say he’s crushed. Poor thing… But we can’t forget about Rupert’s wifey, Liberty Ross, and their two kids! How devastating for them…

But we hear Kristen’s pretty distraught over all of it too. Why did she have to meet up with Rupert?!?! WHY!?!

Apparently she really thinks he’ll take her back, but…

Robert’s main pet peeve is cheating. We know this. She knows this. SO WHAT GAVE??

Meanwhile, Robsten fans are going NUTZ over this!! Specifically this one.

Which, speaking of the people who pay to see Kristen, we wondered if this scandal would affect the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.


[Image via WENN.]

Jul 25, 2012 8:50pm PDT

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