Brandi Glanville Caught Having Sex In Kyle Richards’ Bathroom!

Brandi Glanville Caught Having Sex In Kyle Richards' Bathroom!

Oh Brandi!

Just so we’re all clear — there are only TWO reasons to take off your undies in another person’s bathroom: 1) to use the toilet, and 2) a dramatic costume change!

Obvi Brandi Glanville was not aware of that rule…

The klassy Real Housewives of Beverly Hill star was recently caught getting seXXXy in Kyle Richards‘ bathroom party.

A show insider says:

“Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls [her co-stars] caught her. They could’t believe that she was doing that and they were all stunned when they found her.”

We can only imagine how Kyle’s Brandi-hating sister, Kim, dealt with that!

Another party-goer reveals that Brandi wasn’t the only guest acting like a naughty girl:

“Poor Kyle planned this gorgeous party and her guests were acting like total hicks the entire night.”

Well, at this point she should expect it!

Next time, Kyle should prepare and build an outhouse! LOLz!

We’re told all the cameras were there shooting, so Brandi’s potty fling and all the dramaz it cause will probably make the show.

Can’t. Wait.

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 30, 2012 6:50pm PDT

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