The Batman Will Return In 2016

Warner Bros rebooting batman in 2016

Well, DC’s Dark Knight might return before that in a Justice League movie, but word on the street is that his next solo adventure will hit theaters in 2016.

Since The Dark Knight Rises has made over $300 million domestically in just 12 days, Warner Bros. is already planning the next franchise reboot.

The studio is sensing that audiences are a little tired of origin stories, so the next movie may just jump right into Bruce Wayne’s life as a billionaire who keeps himself busy by fighting crime in Gotham City.

It seems that the movie might actually be called The Batman, which is kinda cool. We can’t really form any kind of opinion on this until more information on the next flick is leaked rejected.

Until then, we’re wishing anyone involved the best of luck topping Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy. One thing is for sure, people will be flocking to the theaters to compare and harshly judge the different interpretations.

Prepare yourself for rejection! LOLz!

[Image via Warner Bros.]

Aug 4, 2012 12:32am PDT

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