Randy Travis Was Buck Naked And Threatening To Shoot Cops Last Night After His DWI Crash!

Randy Travis DWI Buck Naked No Country For Drunk Men Felony Verbal Assault Of Police Officer Texas Threatened To Shoot

We don’t even know where to begin!

It’s been a rough year for Randy Travis. Last night, things got much much much worse.

The 53 year-old country singer allegedly drank himself into a stupor before crashing his Trans Am into a roadside construction barricade.

When Texas sheriffs responded to the 911 call, they found him buck naked and lying in the middle of the road!!

Who DOES that??

The cops helped him to his fee and then Randy really got randy.

After they arrested the singer for DWI and tossed him in the back of the truck, he reportedly threatened to “shoot and kill the Troopers working the case.”

Yikes! Somebody needs to lay off the Wild Turkey!

A quick recap of Randy’s event-filled 2012…

In February, he was publicly intoxicated in front of a Baptist church. Police released footage of that wild arrest which spread through the internet faster than a LiLo sex tape.

In April, his ex-wife Elizabeth slapped the musician with a nasty lawsuit for a botched business deal.

Lesser legal problems have driven people to drink, we suppose, but there is NEVER an excuse for driving under the influence.

Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the crash which hopefully means no innocent bystanders were injured.

It’s time to get your act together, Randy, before someone is seriously hurt or killed!!

[Image via Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.]

Aug 8, 2012 2:12pm PDT

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