Aaliyah Album WON’T Involve Missy Elliott & Timbaland!


Gaaah! So many conflicting reports, WHAT are we to believe?!

So if you haven’t heard, Drake is a massive Aaliyah fan and has been remastering previously unreleased material to be unleashed as a posthumous album later this year…

Awesome possum, right?!

Initially, we’d heard that Aaliyah’s old recording chums Missy Elliott and Timbaland were peeved to the max that Drake hadn’t involved them in his musical schemes, AND rumors said the album was not supported by Aaliyah’s family!

But THEN we heard confirmation from Aaliyah’s cousin and manager of Blackground records Jomo Hankerson that YES, a 16 track album featuring unreleased Aaliyah tracks will happen, and that Missy and Timbaland’s involvement was gar-un-teed!!

Well, we guess that was a giant psych-out because Missy’s rep is denying her and Timba’s participation in the Drake helmed project!

Missy’s manager reveals:

“Although Missy and Timbaland always strive to keep the memory of their close friend alive, we have not been contacted about the project nor are there any plans at this time to participate…”


Now, we are still slightly confused as to whether Drake’s Aaliyah album is the same album Jomo is promoting, or if they are two separate entities. If they ARE two different deals, maybe Missy will participate on the non-Drake recording??

Well WHATEVER, we’re just excited to hear more of Aaliyah’s velvety purr of a voice – a voice that was silenced far, far too soon.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Aug 15, 2012 7:35am PDT

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