JWOWW Gives FAST Weight Loss Tips

JWOWW Fitness Tips

JWOWW knows what you want.

You want to slim down fast!

Well, she has some tips for you — but remember, you have to keep it healthy!

Here’s what she wrote:

‘So I’ve given lots of tips on how to get in real shape, but I know those take some time and sometimes you need to slim down fast. Maybe you’ve got a hot date on Friday, maybe you’re going on vacation – either way here is how you can slim down FAST.’

Basically, cut “carbs, sugar, and anything fried,” and, “heavy things will not help you slim! Stick to veggies and salad (but nothing too fibery).”

Avoid salty shizz, too!

And her advice regarding working out:

‘Do crunches, cardio, and at least some light weight training. You won’t be buff in just a week, but you’ll definitely feel and look even a little more toned. Plus, weight training and cardio combined will help kick your metabolism into gear.’

This stuff is great and all, but she shouldn’t be aiming at telling impressionable people that a quick diet is the way to go — it might be a good jumping off point, but things should be changed for the long run so you DON’T have to do this again!

Her heart’s in the right place, though!

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Aug 23, 2012 9:31am PDT

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