Marina & The Diamonds’ Humor Not For Brits??


Is Marina & The Diamonds a little TOO heart-cheeky for our brothers (and sisters) from another English mother?!

It seems that the bands main heartbreaker, Mz. Marina Diamandis herself, recently shared how she thinks her latest album Electra Heart‘s mixed UK reception is partly due to Brits not getting its humorous edge! Which is pretty HIGHlarious in itself, seeing as Marina is Welsh!

Marina recently expressed:

“It’s been so instant that I’ve come over [to America] and sold out my tour and I’ve never really done that before. People are getting the humor. It’s such a relief to be here for six weeks because it feels effortless. When I first changed [musical direction] people [in England] said, ‘She’s sold out’ and they totally didn’t get the humor. It’s a tongue-in-cheek record but it also deals with the truth about love and commercialism and just being a young person, really.”

Ah well, we’re sure they’ll come around, oh sparkliest of diamonds!

And WE adore Electra Heart‘s sweet, yet sharp musical poke at our society’s contradictions and superficialities AND all those tender, thoughtful love songs!

As always, endless admiration just beaming out of every orifice for you and your precious gems, Marina!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 24, 2012 10:01pm PDT

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