Modern Family Creator Snaps Back At Ann Romney!

Republicans and their favorite entertainers just aren’t getting along this election season.

Although not as extreme as Tom Morello‘s reaction to Paul Ryan naming Rage Against The Machine as his favorite band, Modern Family creator Steve Levitan snapped back at Ann Romney after she named the ABC sitcom as her favorite television show.

Referencing two of the main characters that are in a committed same-sex relationship, he tweeted:

Oh snap!

We like that he kept it classy and didn’t drag Ann’s name or beliefs through the mud, but still managed to point out her hypocrisy.

It’s odd to name a show with such pro-gay undercurrents as your favorite if your against equality, right? At least that means she’s not afraid to watch it, even if she doesn’t entirely understand the message.

We just hope that Ann learns a thing or two from the relationship between Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet‘s characters since the “modern family” is no longer limited to heterosexual couples!

Aug 29, 2012 4:03am PDT

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