Miley Cyrus Is Sick And ‘It Isn’t Funny’ At All!

Miley Cyrus sick

Our little Mileybird has fallen from the sky and into the sick bed!

After showing half of Studio City three-fourths of her tittays Tuesday, Miley Cyrus came down with one baaaaad headache!

On Wednesday, she shared with the world via Twitter:

“Migraines suck.”

And according to Mz Cyrus, there is only one cure for a throbbing skull …. mommy!

She microblogged sick day plans, writing:

“Thinkin bout crawlin in bed with @tishcyrus isn’t funny how we all turn into such babies with our mommies when we’re sick.”


Mommies are the best!

Though, we’d bet crawling into bed with Miley’s man, Liam Hemsworth, would cure whatever ails ya!

Hope you feel better soon gurl!

We want you back in good health and flaunting your lovely jubblies around town again ASAP!

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 13, 2012 5:52pm PDT

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