Human Stem Cells Restore Gerbils’ Hearing


In a new study, scientists were able to improve the hearing in deaf animals by using human stem cells!

Maybe we’re that much closer to breeding centaurs and other cool human animal hybrids!

The treatment they used would only be able to treat a very rare type of hearing impairment that wouldn’t even apply to all the cases of that specific problem.

So it’s a very small victory, but still a victory anyway!

What the scientists did was kill nerves that transmit sounds from the ear to the brain, then they used stem cells to try and replace them.

And it was a success!

The stem cells were turned into immature nerve cells and then transplanted into the ears of the deaf gerbils.

Only ten weeks later the gerbils’ hearing had improved about 46% on average with some test subjects regaining all of their hearing!

Let’s hope that they can use this type of procedure to help cure deaf humans eventually!

Yay science!

Sep 17, 2012 7:57am PDT

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