Starships In The Sky! Endeavor Space Shuttle Stops Productivity In Los Angeles

endeavor space shuttle los angeles

Everyone in El Lay was freaking the eff out!!

People went to their rooftops this afternoon to get the best sighting of the Endeavor space shuttle as it made its zany loop de loop on top of a 747 around Tinsel Town.

The shuttle spent crazy time in space before making its final landing at LAX on Friday — marking the end of NASA’s space shuttle program. Sadface!

But what a great finale!!

As Endeavor taxied on in at the United Airlines hangar, one man popped out of the cockpit’s roof to wave an American flag while bystanders’ emotions began to pour out.

One viewer at LAX was Ken Phillips, college friend of Ron McNair. Ron was one of the astronauts who lost their lives when the Challenger exploded, and Endeavor was built as a replacement.

Ken’s voice broke a little when he said he hoped Ron could be looking down at the great event. Awww!!!!!


[Image via Splash News.]

Sep 21, 2012 8:15pm PDT

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