Johnny Lewis’ Dad Thought Scientology-Approved Treatment Center Was Helping His Son

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In the weeks and months leading up to his unthinkable murder/suicide, Johnny Lewis‘ father tried everything he could think of to help his son.

We told you Michael Lewis was a high-level Scientologist and friend to L. Ron Hubbard; it seems he used those connections within the religion to try and help his son through Scientology-approved rehab and treatment centers.

The Sons of Anarchy actor’s Dad thought Johnny responded well to the rehab program at Ridgeview, an Altadena, CA drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Ridgeview advises against psychiatric medication for patients — as per the rules of Scientology — and endorses alternative methods toward reaching wellness.

Clearly, the treatment was not successful.

Johnny dropped out of the rehab facility opting instead to finish a jail sentence.

Several days after his release from prison, Johnny murdered his 81-year-old landlady Catherine Davis and her cat.

[Image via Dominic Chan/WENN.]

Oct 1, 2012 9:53am PDT

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